About Us

In a decaying society, art, if it is truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants
to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And
help to change it. – Ernest Fisher

REST IN PU$$Y is more than just a clothing label.

It is an attitude.

It is a mindset and an integral part of street and creative culture.

It is an unconventional mixture of hyperrealism and social criticism as it strives to

spread its ideologies by holding up a mirror to society and freely revealing the

reflections of the status quo.

RIP THE LABEL is deeply rooted in Toronto’s urban lifestyle and vibrant underground


We ratify a radical approach to fashion, producing highly concept-driven designs that

represent Toronto’s diverse roots and the melding of different subcultures.

We utilize fashion as a medium to advocate for an alternative perception of our world

through innovative designs, biting sarcasm, and tongue-in-cheek humor.

Every garment is a manifestation of the ideals of our generation, our ambitions and

infinite potential.

We take pride in the style, meticulous craftsmanship, and integrity of each garment that

serves as a conversation piece.

Fashion is a statement.

Its purpose is not to merely be aesthetically pleasing, but to say something.

And we happen to have a lot to say…